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Allysta is dedicated to developing innovative new medicines for unmet needs based upon novel first-in-class targets.

We proceed from the principle that breakthrough therapies have the greatest chance of success when they are built upon a strong scientific foundation.

We seek to be science-driven and results-focused.


Allysta Pharmaceuticals is a private venture-backed clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. We are developing first-in-class therapeutic peptides that uniquely target adiponectin signaling pathways. Adiponectin has multiple beneficial actions, including anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, cell regenerative, and beneficial metabolic properties that provides development opportunities in multiple diseases.  Our lead drug, ALY688 Ophthalmic Solution, is a topical eye drop for treatment of inflammatory ocular surface disorders, particularly dry eye disease. We have shown that ALY688's anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative actions very effectively reduces inflammation and enhances corneal cell repair.

Allysta has also developed a sustained release formulation of ALY688 (ALY688ER) ideally suited for for systemic administration and we are targeting inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. Based upon promising results from multiple disease models, including NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), liver fibrosis, cardiac remodeling, and muscular dystrophy, we believe ALY688 may be a promising novel therapeutic across a range of inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

Dry Eye;

Ocular Surface Inflammation

Developing Innovative Medicines


Fibrosing Diseases


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