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  • Allysta is dedicated to developing innovative new medicines for unmet needs with a focus on novel first-in-class targets.

  • We proceed from the principle that breakthrough therapies have the greatest chance of success when they are built upon a strong scientific foundation.

  • We are science-driven and results-focused.


Allysta Pharmaceuticals is a private venture-backed clinical stage biopharmaceutical focused on rare diseases with high unmet needs. We are developing first-in-class therapeutic peptides with multiple biological actions, including anti-fibrotic, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, and beneficial metabolic effects that provides development opportunities across multiple diseases.  Our lead drug, ALY688ER, an extended release formulation designed for extended delivery of ALY688 throughout the body, is a potent and specific activator of adiponectin signaling pathways. Adiponectin is a beneficial cytokine produced mainly by adipose cells and which protects against obesity-associated diseases. ALY688 is the first adiponectin receptor agonist to enter human testing. Our lead indication is Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a serious rare genetic disease of boys in which muscle tissue damage due to muscle cell injury, inflammation and replacement of muscle by fibrotic tissue results in progressive loss of skeletal muscle function. In relevant animal DMD models, ALY688 reduced muscle cell death, enhanced muscle regeneration, and reduced inflammation and fibrosis, resulting in preservation of muscle strength and endurance. 

In addition, ALY688 has shown similar benefits across a range of other inflammatory and fibrotic conditions potentially expanding its use in additional indications.

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Developing Innovative Medicines for Rare Diseases


Fibrosing Diseases

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