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ALY688 Ophthalmic Solution is an ophthalmic formulation of ALY688 suitable for eye drop administration. In relevant animal models, ALY688 reduces levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and activated T cells on the ocular surface, resulting in reduction in corneal damage as well as improvements in tear volume/tear integrity. ALY688 accelerates epithelial (corneal) healing following injury. By targeting two key aspects of dry eye disease, ALY688 may demonstrate improved activity with efficacy in a broader range of dry eye sufferers. 

ALY688-SR is a sustained release systemic formulation of ALY688 formulated for SC administration. It is being evaluated for diseases where a reduction in the levels of native adiponectin protein leads to an imbalance in the regulation of inflammation and/or metabolism, e.g. resulting in an inflammatory response or insulin resistance. Restoring adiponectin balance using a peptide analogue may be of particular benefit in NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), a disease in which metabolic derangements with fat accumulation in the liver and insulin resistance, and hepatic inflammation and fibrosis, can lead to progressive liver damage. ALY688-SR is also being evaluated in relevant animal models of muscles diseases of inflammation and fibrosis/remodeling, including Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and cardiac fibrosis/remodeling.